The Digital Enterprise

Increase Quality, Increase Efficiency, Decrease Cost, Mitigate Risk and Increase Growth through a Digital Enterprise

The Digital Enterprise

Ownet’s Owners have been helping clients transform and gain insight of their businesses through the use of the Software AG’s Digital business transformation platform for over 15 years.

Passion & Commitment

How we help
We help you to execute Change and Transformation initiatives, in a cost effective manner, and deliver embedded, sustainable outcomes that you can build on.
Our expertise and experience will help you drive success and embed knowledge and skills with you and your team. Find out how and where we help......

Focusing on you

Our Ethos & Values
Our aim is simple...... make you, our client successful and strengthen the relationship with everyone we engage with. We are frustrated by the traditional issues and ways of working across much of the consulting sector and feel there is a better way to engage with you, our clients. Find out how our unique model drives our values and your success......

Expertise at your fingertips

The Ownet Team
Our consultants - called Owners - are all experienced experts with 10 plus years of post qualified experience in Change and Transformation. Every Owner has a stake in Ownet and is rewarded on your and our colleagues success. Find out how we engender loyalty, responsibility and ownership in your success......

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Transforming your Business

Introduction This is the first in a number of articles that will explore what is meant by Transformation, starting with Business Processes. We will define what is a process, how to capture the [...]

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