Digital Twin of an Organisation: A Strategic Journey

The future belongs to the Digital Twin of an Organisation.

Wouldn’t it be extraordinary to simulate plans or build what-if scenarios for services, products, facilities, people and processes you wished to change or control before you actually put real-world resources behind real-world implementation? That’s what the Digital Twin of an Organisation (DTO) offers.

The concept of a Digital Twin has been familiar with physical assets and built infrastructure for years, however, it is now possible to create a true representation of your organisation. Simply put, a Digital Twin of an Organisation is a virtual representation of your organisation that is intrinsically linked to the real organisation – detailing the Business Assets, their dynamics, interactions and their performance over time. Enabling analysis, simulation and insights to inform and influence change through fact based decision making.

Making the DTO a core element of thinking for Digital Transformation and assurance will increase the chance that leaders at all levels can contribute and make the connections to business value. The DTO is a business tool which delivers true insights into how your organisation works and will act as the catalyst for transformation, continuous improvement and control.

 Doors opening to the Digital Twin of an Organisation.

A DTO complements classical Digital Twins, which are focusing on physical objects by using IoT data. DTs and DTOs both connect the physical and the virtual world. DTs focus on products, their production and infrastructure whereas DTOs focus on operational processes and services. Complementary approaches occur where for example, in manufacturing, DTs enable the design of an efficient production layout and the DTO enables continuous monitoring and optimisation of the operational processes.

 DTO as a growth opportunity in challenging times.

By measuring everything, the average organisation creates more data points than they can ever use: this information often becomes isolated or forgotten. The scale of data complexity is increasingly difficult for humans to visualise, therefore hidden risks are constantly materialising and best intended actions can have unintended consequences with critical impacts on a particular system or even across the entire organisation. The challenge today is no longer about being able to measure and access the information, the challenge for organisations today is how to gain the complete context in order to support optimal decision making.

Furthermore, intensifying competition and the ability of challenger businesses to automate and digitise quickly is eroding margin across traditional businesses leading to the need to rethink current business models and an exact digital replica of your organisation that can be visualised and analysed continuously is becoming key to success and survival. This is borne out by the fact that the global market for Digital Twins is expected to reach $16 billion by 2023.

 Discover, design and deliver a DTO for your business.

So how do you build a DTO? It is all about capturing, understanding and visualising the data that underpins the real organisation and creating the ability for different stakeholders to view and analyse the same information through different lenses to enable connected and informed decisions.

To create a DTO the data needs to be captured and monitored from various sources including core systems and desk top applications through process and task mining and then visualised and reported on to facilitate and empower individuals to deliver value. Recent innovations in Process Mining and Task Mining, combined with big data management, have empowered organisations to provide a concise DTO, visualising the global process complexity.

 Connect your data, people, processes and technology.

Understanding, visualising and optimising processes helps drive digital transformation, continuous improvement and ongoing control of an organisation by mitigating risk, enabling collaboration, creating insights and enabling agility and resilience. The DTO gives holistic knowledge of your organisation by connecting all elements of the business – strategy, goals, governance, roles, responsibilities, technology, data, processes, products, services and customer requirements and interactions.

As every asset that falls within the context of an organisation can be connected, reported, visualised and analysed it enables people across the organisation to embrace change and to collaborate on solving problems, therefore empowering individuals and increasing the value that they can deliver.

Business value from DTO.

Over time the organisation will evolve and change: the DTO must do the same and it needs to reflect and inform the design and optimisation. This is why it is key that there is real time/near real time connection to the real world.

If your business wants to stay relevant digital transformation is a must, so it is time to get started by laying the foundation of your DTO today to ensure success. DTOs are here now and for the future. Businesses need to move beyond recognising their own potential to realising their true value and a DTO is a facilitator of driving this success.

The DTO will help business leaders assess the impact of change in a controlled environment having the following benefits:

  • Improved enterprise decision making
  • Successful digital business transformation
  • Empowerment of all staff
  • Alignment of strategy and project execution
  • Ability to communicate the impact of change
  • Accessible and accurate business knowledge
  • Ability to drive continuous improvement
  • Agility to rapidly respond to changes
  • Resilience against impacts and crises
  • Auditability and control of risks

When applied to your existing operating business, a DTO enables you to monitor your current business performance, discover the underlying levers of your performance and track the envisaged benefits.

It is time to uncomplicate your organisation by creating a mirror image of your business operations with a DTO. Take control and inform strategy, drive efficiencies and support intelligent business decisions. 

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